Energy efficiency

What is energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency (EE) means the rational use of energy, while increasing the comfort of living.

Energy efficiency involves investing in efficient systems and appliances that will lead to greater comfort of living and greater efficiency in business.

Which measures will make our home or business energy efficient?

-      Improving thermal insulation (roof, outside walls)

-      Replacing outside doors and windows

-      Installation of solar systems for water heating

-      Installation of central heating (solid fuel: wood, pellets)

-      Replacing old boilers

-      Installation of energy efficient lighting (energy saving bulbs)

-      Replacing agricultural machinery (tractors, implements or irrigation systems)

-      Replacing old air-conditioning or other household devices

-      Replacing old furnaces

-      Improvement of cooling chambers and lockers

What can I and my business gain?

-       Reduced electricity costs and long-term financial savings

-       Greater comfort

-       Increased value of the property (EE houses and flats might have a higher value)

-       Modernized production facilities and increased quantity of output and/or quality

-       Positive impact on the environment (reduced use of conventional energy sources and/or emissions).

EE measures can be financed in different was such as your own savings or by obtaining a loan from financial institution. Inform yourself about different options and make the decisions that matches your individual needs and situation.

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This campaign has been supported by Green for Growth Fund Technical Assistance Facility (GGF TAF) and the European Union (EU).



About Green for Growth Fund (GGF)

The Green for Growth Fund (GGF) supports sustainable energy finance and green energy projects through funding, know-how and the tools to succeed in the market. The fund invests in projects with a minimum target of 20 % reduction in energy use, CO2 emissions or both.

The GGF invests in local institutions that on-lend the funding to their clients, as well as directly in green energy projects and operates in Southeast Europe region including Turkey and in the European Neighbourhood Region (Caucasus, Ukraine and the Middle East and North Africa).