Loans for tourism

Designed for natural persons generating revenue from business activity over summer tourist seasons.

Loan repayment is during the season and is adapted to the clients income.

Loan purpose: Preparation for the nearing summer tourist season and for investments in multi-seasonal assets used for generating revenue over multiple tourist seasons (renovating, furnishing, adaptation and upgrade of accommodation facilities, lease of beaches and business facilities etc.)

Principal amount: up to EUR 20.000

Maturity:                up to 36 months (depending of the season number)

Grace period:       up to s18 months (depending of the season number)


Possible collaterals: writ of execution, personal writ of execution, guarantee agreement, pledge, bill of exchange issued by legal entity, mortgage (possible, but not principal collaterals for loans over EUR 10.000).

Guarantees are determined in consultation with the client.