Our client Željka Rakčević

eljka rakevi

“With Alter Modus we successfully tailor our lives, not only the clothes”

Željka Rakčević is our longtime client from Berane and we are pleased to tell her story. It all started when Željka decided to turn her passion and skill for making tailor’s master pieces into private business. Željka and her husband recognized Alter Modus as a genuine and reliable partner which could give them support on their way of accomplishing themselves as successful entrepreneurs. Having started their tailor shop they were gradually brushing up their skills and raising the business to higher level. So, from doing reparations and sewing, through complete tailoring, now they are able to offer making wonderful wedding dresses.

Tailor shop Madonna is the only activity of her family – the activity to which they come back from day to day, with the same pleasure, flame and interest as at the beginning. Exactly because of that, they are considered as a synonym for quality and good service.

The Rakčević family is a proof that, with sincere love for job, perseverance and invested work, success is guaranteed.

Our Client Milovan Zindović

milovan zindovic

“Support, in swift and simple manner, at any time”


With joint efforts, good ideas and courageous decisions will lead to success.

When it comes to business, Milovan relies on private business activities in which he has found formula to his success.

For years, he has been in service industry, and at the moment when he wanted to extend his business with baking industry, he approached Alter Modus.

He has recognized his opportunity in opening a bakery in Danilovgrad where he would offer fresh and delicious products, as well as new quality and service.

Milovan got the financial support for realization of his idea from our microcredit financial institution.

“From the first contact with your colleagues in office in Danilovgrad, an excellent cooperation was achieved, which, to the satisfaction of all parties, is ongoing today” – Zindović emphasized.

The results of the successful cooperation are more than obvious: after the bakery, Milovan has enlarged his business and opened new facilities with the purpose of meeting the needs of his fellow citizens, due to which he has achieved significant results.


In case you too have ideas for your business, you may realize them with loan products of Alter Modus.

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Our Client Rajko Marković

rajko markovic

“With Alter Modus I became my own boss. I have improved my business and I am successful”


Rajko Marković has been our longtime client and we are proud to tell his story.

Since he was 15, he was dealing in wood-felling and selling it for heating purposes. At one point, while he was in the forest and looking at the rotten trees, he came up with the idea how they could be used. He decided to try to set up a charcoal plant and to produce charcoal from old and rotten trunks.

Rajko found out what is needed in order to make his idea truth and this is when the successful cooperation with Alter Modus started. He needed financial support for setting up a charcoal plant. When he saw that there were even more trunks in his forest which could be used for charcoal, he decided to extend the business.

Now, Rajko owns two charcoal plants, and the most of the produced charcoal is sold at the seaside. He still works on his own and puts a lot of efforts in order to catch up with larger volume of production and sales. On the other side, he is additionally motivated by every new success. We are motivated as well, by our clients’ successful stories.

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Our Client – Ivanka Čolević

ivanka olevi

“When supported by Alter Modus, starting up a business is much easier.”


Our client, Ivanka Čolević, a physiotherapist by profession, is one more example of how persistence and love for the job one does, can result in success.

Having moved to another town, Ivanka brought a decision to start up a private business. She wanted to open a beauty salon, and in Alter Modus she found the financial support she needed. She knew that ups and downs were going to happen, but she was ready to put maximum efforts in order to make success in her business.

A several years after she had opened the salon, Ivanka found new premises at the downtown, and wanted to extend the business. Nowadays, there are four employees at the salon, and she still does a part of the job. Her cooperation with Alter Modus, is still ongoing, to mutual satisfaction. To keep up with new trends, Ivanka invests in appliances, in order to provide the best service for her customers.

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Naš klijent Radivoje Miljanić

klijent prica farma miljanici

Iako je dugo radio u finansijskom sektoru želja da pokrene svoj privatni posao nikada nije napuštala Radivoja Miljanića. Tako je 2012. godine, nakon skoro dvije godine istraživanja, pokrenuo porodičnu farmu, koja je tada brojila 30 koza. Vremenom se stado i proizvodnja širila pa danas ima 250 koza i svoju mljekaru gdje proizvodi kozji sir i jogurt.

Kada je počeo da se bavi ovim poslom bio je jedini proizvođač kozjeg mlijeka i sira u Crnoj Gori. U početku je imao dosta problema i izazova koji su se odnosili na plasman proizvoda zbog predubjeđanja ljudi koja se odnose na kozje mlijeko i sir.

Kada se posao radi od srca i kada je kvalitet na prvom mjestu logičan slijed su i nagrade na brojnim sajmovima i takmičenjima. Na jednom od najprestižnijih sajmova poljoprivrede u regionu njegov sir „LIDER“ osvojio je zlatnu medalju za kvalitet.

Planovi za širenje proizvodnje i unapređenje djelatnosti postoje a neizostavan partner i podrška planovima Radivoja Miljanića je Alter Modus.

Ukoliko i Vi želite da pokrenete svoj posao a potrebna Vam je finansijska podrška na linku možete naći više detalja o našoj kreditnoj ponudi pogledajte ovdje