Dubravka Raičević, Flower Shop Owner

La Viola – flower shop

The ability to adapt quickly to new circumstances is required in every job, and as long as we are able to find new opportunities, we will be present in the market.

This is how thinks and acts our client Dubravka Raičević. It all started with Dubravka’s mother who was growing flowers. With lots of love and care she was creating small flower designs and arrangements for her customers. The job was extending and developing, and three years ago “La Viola flower shop” was opened. This is where all the interested parties are welcome to visit the shop, get acquainted better with the offer, get advice on the best combinations for personalized gifts, decorations for weddings and other events, and afterwards to purchase the arrangements they want. Moreover, taking part in numerous fairs is one more way of our clients, Dubravka and her mother, to present their work.

At the period, when, due to preventive measures against spreading Coronavirus, they could not welcome the customers at the shop, their work did not have to stop.

Although the presentation at the internet was practised earlier, it has been intensified and became additionally significant. Now, instead of coming to the shop and window-shopping, the customers have the opportunity to see “La Viola’s” offer on the Facebook and Instagram pages of this shop.

For orders, advice and consultancy, Dubravka is available by the phone, and the modern applications and ways of communication enables her to send her customers the photos and videos of the bouquets she is arranging for them.

Since shopping and payment in a safe mode are priority these days, payment is not an issue – due to simple possibility to execute the payment to the gyro account of the shop.

In addition to all the said, Dubravka has organized a delivery free of charge in Podgorica, so that the customers can receive the order at the doorstep, or if they ordered a gift for a special person, it is being delivered to the right address. Of course, respecting all the time the proposed measures of social distance.