Miodrag Kovač, Cow Farm Owner

To mutual satisfaction, collaboration between Miodrag and Alter Modus lasts since 2014.

Miodrag Kovač is a farmer from a village named Ćemenca, in the suburbs of Nikšić. His production is based on breeding dairy cows, and there are approximately 100 of them at his farm. Having been deservedly retired, Miodrag started to develop his own business. From the very beginnings of a smaller size all to the developed production he owns nowadays, Alter Modus would, in right moment, give the support which he asked for. As he emphasises himself: “In Alter Modus, I finish everything swiftly and simply. I have a reliable partner that makes the advancement in this business easier for me”.

Dealing in this business requires continuous investing. Through the period of collaboration behind us, we can witness that our client continued with investments, so that at the moment he possesses the most contemporary equipment and extensive farm. We do not doubt in his further development. Alter Modus will always be on that way, in order to support his efforts. If you would also like to improve your business or if you are intending to start up a new one, but you are in need for a financial support, Alter Modus is the right place for you. You may find more details about loan for your business following the link: https://altermodus.me/nasi-proizvodi/kredit-za-vas-posao/