Our client Rajko Marković

Rajko Marković has been our longtime client and we are proud to tell his story.

Since he was 15, he was dealing in wood-felling and selling it for heating purposes. At one point, while he was in the forest and looking at the rotten trees, he came up with the idea how they could be used. He decided to try to set up a charcoal plant and to produce charcoal from old and rotten trunks.

Rajko found out what is needed in order to make his idea truth and this is when the successful cooperation with Alter Modus started. He needed financial support for setting up a charcoal plant. When he saw that there were even more trunks in his forest which could be used for charcoal, he decided to extend the business.

Now, Rajko owns two charcoal plants, and the most of the produced charcoal is sold at the seaside. He still works on his own and puts a lot of efforts in order to catch up with larger volume of production and sales. On the other side, he is additionally motivated by every new success. We are motivated as well, by our clients’ successful stories.

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