Milovan Zindović, Bakery Owner

With joint efforts, good ideas and courageous decisions will lead to success.

When it comes to business, Milovan relies on private business activities in which he has found formula to his success.

For years, he has been in service industry, and at the moment when he wanted to extend his business with baking industry, he approached Alter Modus.

He has recognized his opportunity in opening a bakery in Danilovgrad where he would offer fresh and delicious products, as well as new quality and service.

Milovan got the financial support for realization of his idea from our microcredit financial institution.

“From the first contact with your colleagues in office in Danilovgrad, an excellent cooperation was achieved, which, to the satisfaction of all parties, is ongoing today” – Zindović emphasized.

The results of the successful cooperation are more than obvious: after the bakery, Milovan has enlarged his business and opened new facilities with the purpose of meeting the needs of his fellow citizens, due to which he has achieved significant results.

In case you too have ideas for your business, you may realize them with loan products of Alter Modus.
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