Triple Jump is a Dutch investment manager of significant European funds financing projects in developing countries on all the continents. Triple Jump manages funds with total amount of 775,000,000 euro, disbursed by over 150 financial institutions worldwide. One of them is Alter Modus. NOVIB (one of those funds) was our first lender, in 2001.

EBRD – European Bank for Reconstruction and Development set a precedent in 2004, by granting a million-euro loan to a non-governmental organization dealing in micro-crediting. Ever since, Alter Modus and EBRD have been improving their cooperation through long-term credit arrangements.

EFSE – European Fund for Southeast Europe, active in 16 countries with fund over 900,000,000 euro, since its establishing in 2005 has recognized Alter Modus as a partner institution with which it has got continuous cooperation through credit arrangements. In addition to this, through the programs of technical assistance, EFSE supports institutional development of Alter Modus, in terms of development of business-related important functions and through the program of trainings, giving contribution to the development of human resources.

KfW – German Development Bank, as financial representative of the German Government, is an active participant in economic development of the country through the projects in energetics, water supply and development of micro-crediting. KfW has recognized Alter Modus as a partner institution, supporting it by a credit arrangement, for the first time in 2008, while the cooperation has continued through new projects.

ResponsAbility – is an agent, investment manager in area of investments seated in Switzerland. It is focused on investing in liabilities and capital of companies in developing countries, implementing inclusion business models. ResponAbility manages funds with amount over three billion US dollars, while the assets are disbursed to over 90 countries worldwide. The cooperation with Alter Modus began in 2015 and is being developed through new projects.

BiB – Bank im Bistum Essen is a German bank with total assets amounting to almost five billion euro. Through specialized programs it provides support to the development of micro-crediting in more than 60 countries around the world. In 2015, Alter Modus started cooperating with this bank and the cooperation is intensively being improved.

IFC – International Finance Corporation as a part of World Bank is focused on development of competitive market, regional cooperation and diversification of economy. Their objectives are partly achieved through strengthening financial sector of member states, one of which is Montenegro, since 2007.
Alter Modus cooperation with IFC commenced in 2016, with a credit arrangement. The major goal is to eliminate poverty and jointly encourage prosperity of Montenegro. It is conceived to enable small enterprises access loans and other sources of financing in order to facilitate their development, creating new employment opportunities and stimulate economic growth.

GGF – Alter Modus started financing energy efficiency projects through credit arrangement with Green for Growth Fund in 2016. The novelty in Alter Modus’ offer has significantly impacted improvement of internal knowledge and raising general public and clients’ awareness on applying energy efficiency measures, by influencing improvement of living conditions and energy savings.