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Loan for Micro and Small Enterprises is intended for micro and small enterprises and entrepreneurs, for purchasing fixed assets and for working capital and other assets.

We can offer you:

  • Simple and swift procedure of loan processing;
  • Guarantees from the business;
  • Convenience for loan application processing.

Loan amount:

  • For entrepreneurs up to 30.000 EUR,
  • For micro and small enterprises up 50.000 EUR.

Loan maturity:

  • For loans up to 5.000 EUR – up to 36 months,
  • For loans 5.001 EUR – 10.000 EUR – up to 48 months,
  • For loans 10.001 EUR – 20.000 EUR – up to 60 months,
  • For loans 20.001 EUR – 30.000 EUR – up to 72 months,
  • For loans 30.001 EUR – 50.000 EUR – up to 84 months.

Grace period – up to 3 months.

 Repayment schedule is adjusted to CASH FLOW.
 Collaterals arranged with you.


If you are dealing with TOURISM, AGRICULTURE or CATTLE BREEDING, we can offer you possibility of seasonal repayment.

 Repayment is done during one or more seasons
 Repayment of principal is done only during the months when the cash inflow is generated
 Three models of repayment dynamics, depending on period when the cash inflow is generated and number of seasons
 Loan maturity – up to 36 months
 Possibility of grace period.

For further information about conditions, please contact the closest loan officer or fill in the e-form and we will contact you.