Owner of Alter Modus is Non-governmental organization Alter Modus with 100% share in ownership structure.

At the beginning of 2015 Alter Modus established the governing bodies with respect to the best practices and recommendations for corporate governance of companies.

Corporate structure of Alter Modus consists of: The General Assembly, the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Management.

The role of the Assembly, as representative of owner, is essentially reflected through adoption and amending of the Articles of Association, Corporate Governance Policy, defining Vision, Mission and Values, and through adoption of strategies. NGO Alter Modus, as owner, has got three representatives at the Assembly. Qualitative objectives of Alter Modus are defined by Vision, Mission and Values, adopted by the General Assembly.

The Board of Directors, as a collective body, manages the Company, through adoption of company’s policies, five-year business plan and projections, budget and operational plan for a year period, and proposing clear guidelines and instructions for implementation of policies.

Quantitative objectives regarding growth, profitability and efficiency are defined by Business plan and policies of the Company adopted by the Board of Directors. Operational plan and Budget define short-term goals of operations for a year period.

Luka Đurović, Chair of the Board of Directors;

Andrija Lompar, Member of the Board of Directors;

Pieter Kooi, Member of the Board of Directors;

Mark Willem Semeijns De Vries Van Doesburgh, Member of the Board of Directors;

Dželila Huremović, Member of the Board of Directors.

Andrija Lompar, Chairman of the Audit Committee;

Dželila Huremović, Audit Committee Member;

Aleksandra Rakočević, Audit Committee Member.

Chief Executive Officer is responsible for overall business of MFI Alter Modus and represents the Company. The Executive Management consists of Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operational Officer.

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Management operationally implement and apply company’s policies and business plan, through improvement of organizational structure, operation procedures, development of loan products and follow-up of implementation of operational plans.

Ana Kentera is the Chief Executive Officer since 2015. Her career in Alter Modus began in 2000, at position of Finance Manager, and afterwards she served as Finance and Legal Affairs Director. With years-long experience in microfinancing, and educational background in law and financial management, she has contributed to the Company development in the fields of managing processes, improvement of organizational structure, business planning and financial modeling. She has attended the most reputable international trainings in field of micro-crediting.

Strong customer focus, quality in operation, superior knowledge and high ethical standards are values recognized as key elements for successful business on the long run. She considers balanced development between human resources, funds for growth, relation with customers and innovation capacity as a model for sustainable company development.

Ljiljana Stojović is the Chief Operational Officer from 2015. She is Bachelor of economics by education. She started the career in Alter Modus in 1999 in Credit Operations. Through her years-long experience in credit activities, she was holding several functions – from loan officer and regional manager (Central and North region) to the Credit Operations Director. Direct contact with customers and follow-up of the entrepreneurial experiences “from idea to realization“ were the key to Ljiljana’s further successful work in area of microfinance in Montenegro.

Apart from to the commitment to improvement of credit activities and products, she is dedicated to development of various functions in Alter Modus such as Marketing, Human Resources and Risk and Quality Management.

Persons who jointly or individually have power of representation of the company in relations with third parties:

Luka Đurović, Authorized Representative;

Arnela Nasufović, Authorized Representative;

Staniša Turković, Authorized Representative;

Vladimir Petrić, Authorized Representative;

Andrija Ražnatović, Company Secretary.

Organizational structure of Alter Modus is functionally defined through sectors, departments and units, as follows: Credit Sector, Finance and Information Technologies Sector, Legal and General Affairs Sector, Human Resources Department, Marketing Department, Risk and Quality Assurance Department and Unit for Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing. In addition to the sectors, departments and units, there are independent functions as well – persons with specific competences: Internal Audit and Company Secretary.

Territorially, Credit Sector is organized through the network of profit centers. Profit centers are represented by branches. A branch may embed one or more sub-branches, jointly making a profit center.