Ivana Čolević, Beauty Salon Owner

Our client, Ivanka Čolević, a physiotherapist by profession, is one more example of how persistence and love for the job one does, can result in success.

Having moved to another town, Ivanka brought a decision to start up a private business. She wanted to open a beauty salon, and in Alter Modus she found the financial support she needed. She knew that ups and downs were going to happen, but she was ready to put maximum efforts in order to make success in her business.

A several years after she had opened the salon, Ivanka found new premises at the downtown, and wanted to extend the business. Nowadays, there are four employees at the salon, and she still does a part of the job. Her cooperation with Alter Modus, is still ongoing, to mutual satisfaction. To keep up with new trends, Ivanka invests in appliances, in order to provide the best service for her customers.

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