Dušica Šoljaga, taste of the sea

Catering industry requires hospitality and continuous work. This is very familiar to Dušica Šoljaga, owner of Restaurant Katič, placed in the heart of Petrovac in middle of Donja ulica Street, by which this small coastal town is recognized. Donja ulica is a promenade which extends along the entire town beach overlooking the two pearls – islands Katič and Sveta Neđelja (St. Sunday).

For visitors it is easy to find Dušica Šoljaga’s restaurant due to aquarium showcase with live crabs and shellfish and refrigerated counter with fresh fish. Satisfied visitors are her main satisfaction, and her family is the biggest support. She couldn’t have realized her plans and ideas without successful collaboration which she has got for years with Alter Modus.

“Back in 2017, I started to work in my husband’s restaurant, to help. At that point I didn’t plan to take over the care of business. I realized very soon that catering industry ‘suits’ me, and that I especially like tourism. Today, five years later, I’m running a restaurant with a good reputation. In addition to the restaurant, we have a house for renting in Buljarica. I got into the business with belief that if you really want to work and give your best, it must succeed. It wasn’t easy, Corona slowed us down, but we move forward”, she said.

Šoljaga says that her biggest motivation in business are satisfied guests at restaurant and the house for renting, and adds that there are many challenges in catering industry and tourism. Primarily, it is the lack of manpower, and then the fact that it isn’t easy to form a good-quality team and motivate them for work. “It is very important for us that the people who work with us feel at home and that they love their job.”

She emphasizes that she has got an excellent team of coworkers and that she is very satisfied in these terms. “What is crucial for good relationship and results are team work, good energy and will, but also it is necessary to honour your employees and respect them, because they appreciate that.”

She advises future entrepreneurs to be strong, persistent and patient because it takes time and support for every success. If you also need financial support for developing business in tourism, have a look at our specially designed offer HERE.