Matija Radovic, Magic without boundaries

Matija Radovic is a young adventurer and entrepreneur who has taken over a family business – event decoration agency and florist shop “Čarolija BP” (Eng. Magic BP). He strides bravely and steadily through the wonderland of decoration and floriculture. His adventure is not only a business, it is a journey as well, through creativity and endless horizons of special events.

Creativity is their secret and passion is power of success

When Matija’s three sisters began to make decorations from pure hobby, they couldn’t even guess where their creativity might take them and what success they would achieve. “Everything started when the oldest sister decorated her best friend’s wedding. It was something that hadn’t been seen in our town before. All the guests were amazed and the calls for decorating events have only been incoming since then.”

The flame of creativity, originating from a hobby, very soon outgrew to a flame of adventurism, which was carrying them through the challenging world of entrepreneurship. The business and number of clients were increasing gradually while the main key of success was hiding in their creativity which thy possess in themselves, and which was coming to its light with every new event. Different, special and dedicated to every client and their wishes is something which make them stand out in the market and which made them recognizable throughout Montenegro.

From business towards heritage

Their business is expanding from year to year, and the key is to follow trends and to take advantage of all opportunities brought by them. “In this business it is very important to follow the trends because everybody want something new and different for their festivity. It requires additional assets so that material, constructions which we make, smoke cannons, fireworks and similar elements would be of quality and unique, and in order to meet the needs of our clients”, Matija emphasized. Credit support of the programme for Youth in Business secured that the funds are not an obstacle for accomplishing their visions and further development of the family business.

Financial independence and stability are not only a reward for their effort, but motivation for new ventures as well. Their plan is to expand the business and the florist shop, but also to open a school for decorators in Bijelo Polje. They wish to provide young people an opportunity to discover their adventurous spirit and start up their own businesses, through making every event unforgettable.

Development of family business which by the time is going to be taken over by younger generations and new family members is their goal. “This business is not only our job, but also our family tradition in the making.”

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