Olivera Krivokapic, honey magic

Olivera Krivokapic, a young beekeeper from Niksic lives successfully her dream. She earns for living by beekeeping and owns six shops in Niksic.

In Montenegro, beekeeping is considered to be a male occupation and this is exactly why her development pathway of beekeeping was not easy at all. The most difficult circumstance at the beginning of career was lack of money. However, due to full support by Alter Modus, presently she runs successfully her business and enjoys the affection with bees.

She unveils the magic hidden in the world of bees

Olivera’s oasis of peace is located in Lukovo, a locality near Niksic. It is a wonderful estate where her apiary is and where bees reign.

“My father used to be a beekeeper. However, due to other duties of his, he had to stop it and this is the time when I really started to like these wonderful beings. Something was bothering me and in 2018 I started to ask around to get information from various sources when a competition for procuring beehives would be announced through the Ministry of Agriculture, since, at that time, support for young beekeepers was standing.  So, I started with my business then.”

At the beginning she had three beehives, and that number was growing by the time. She was learning from literature, and commonly she would ask for advice from experienced beekeepers, building her knowledge and skills from day to day.

“I plan to build apicomora which would be integral part of the apiary. I hope this would make my dream with bees complete, because they know to give you back for all the effort, work and care I give them”. They are really unbelievable.”

Secret to success – loving bees

Olivera continuously learns and improves her knowledge at various lectures and seminars, and the attended the first school of beekeeping in Montenegro which was held in House of honey in Danilovgrad, in 2019.

“First you have to love bees so you could be part of their space. In addition to love, they give me great peace. Very often there are various challenges. No matter how much knowledgeable and experienced I am, all of that has to be supported by persistence and work. Like in any other job there are ups and downs. It was hardest at the beginning, because I didn’t have funds for all my ideas- I owe huge gratitude to Alter Modus – without its credit support (link: https://altermodus.me/en/youth-in-business/) I could not fully realize this business.

Olivera’s story is inspiration to all young people who dream about realizing their passion, regardless of challenges which life may bring them. She is a proof that with determination, love and support incredible success is achievable, making magic that leaves sweet trace.