Đuro Nenadović, Hazelnut Production

Đuro Nenadović, Hazelnut Production

There is a saying about hazelnuts that patience and persistence pay off, because one has to wait for 5 years for the first harvest of hazelnuts. Having researched the market thoroughly, Đuro Nenadović decided to commit himself to the production of this nut fruit. He planted 500 trees of hazelnut, five years ago. Despite the theory, already after four years, he was awarded with the first harvest of 50 kg. This year, he is expecting a better harvest, 150 – 200 kg of this fruit, which would increase up to the seventh year when the plant reaches its full harvest. Hazelnut is not a plant which requires a lot of care. Annually, the works are reduced to wintertime pruning and spraying, once or twice a year. Also, this plant is very resistant to weather conditions.

What is interesting is the fact that Montenegro imports 90% of hazelnuts so that placement is not challenging for him. The products are mostly sold in shell and it is good to know that fruits in shell can remain fresh even up to two years. The shell of the fruit, at larger productions, may be used for production of pellet.

The hazelnut is not picked, it is collected and Đuro already thinks about necessary machines, i.e. aspirator which would facilitate collecting. The whole family is included into the business. Besides his wife, three children work diligently. In addition to the hazelnut grove, on their estate there is blackberry grove, and until recently they had production of strawberries. While he was active in production of strawberries, Đuro used a loan with seasonal repayment – in period when the fruits ripened, he had income from sale, so he would pay back the principal, and out of the season, he was paying only the interest, so that the instalments were lower.

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