Duretic Farm – production of domestic eggs

Not long ago, all of us had grandparents in the countryside who bred chickens and produced domestic eggs. Nowadays, domestic food is increasingly gaining its worth, while on the other side there is smaller number of people who produce food in the country. Our clients Slobodan and Julka Duretic, owners of Duretic farm, aware of the fact that domestic food of quality will always find its buyers, have dedicated to produce it.

These cheerful and positive pensioners, proud of being grandparents, are proof that challenges cannot arrest the desire for work and that after every problem you have to find the way to rise and move on.

Collaboration with Alter Modus started 15 years ago when they started with greenhouse vegetable production. They used to have two greenhouses with total area of 700m2, where vegetables were produced. The production was quite requiring because they cultivated only one seasonal breed per greenhouse. Due to severe weather conditions in Golubovci, three years ago, their greenhouses were destroyed. However, that hasn’t stopped them.

Half a year later, they purchased 500 domestic laying hens and started off with production of domestic eggs. Nowadays, they produce approximately 350 eggs a day, while the sale has been organized in collaboration with their partners through local supermarkets. They have been extending the production gradually, and recently they have started with production of domestic chicken meat.

They emphasize that Alter Modus supported them at all important moments, and ensured financial support, not only for business development but for their children’s education.

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