Nikola Bozovic, photocopy shop owner

To mutual satisfaction collaboration between Nikola Bozovic and Alter Modus has lasted for many years. We are presenting his business story.

Seven years ago, our client Nikola has come up with idea to start off with his own business story. In Stari Aerodrom neighbourhood, where at that time there was not any other photocopy shop Nikola opened his. Having recognized his good idea and readiness for success, which was demonstrated by him – now a longstanding client, Alter Modus provided him the requested support. Over the years behind us, the client has demonstrated that our decision was right.

Nowadays, Nikola owns two photocopy shops, well-known in our town. With great effort, forgoing and persistence – he has been developing his idea and expanding it up to the present capacities. He was alone when he started off, and now he is an employee of ten employees. At his shop, you can get all the services which are provided by one contemporary photocopy shop.

The journey was not easy – the client reveals. To expand and enhance a business requires additional assets, which, as he emphasises, has always found at Alter Modus.

“Helped by Alter Modus as a stable partner, I have enhanced my business and got the support at the right time!”, Nikola emphasises. Over the years of collaboration, we got to know our client better and we do not doubt that he will keep on with development of his business story, while Alter Modus will remain his stable partner.

Alter Modus understands what the needs of your businesses are and gives you support at the right time.