Fatmir Spahic, mechanic who turned to agriculture

Fatmir Spahic, a car mechanic by profession, worked for a long time in his garage where he used to repair agricultural machinery for his fellow citizens. He is known as a hardworking, responsible and a cheerful man, who was a helping hand to his father in doing farm work. He gradually turned to agriculture and growing fruits and vegetables. Nowadays, at his estate he has plants of tangerines, olives, peaches and pears, but also 2,000 squares of greenhouse for vegetables.

Fatmir, optimistic in his nature, has always been focused on advancement and development. He always thinks of the ways of development and expansion of production and how to get maximum benefit from each inch of the family estate located in Ulcinj. He wants to provide the best products of the highest quality to his fellow citizens, so he endeavours to use as little as possible chemicals in the production process. He is planning to connect his business with other businesses so that his products could find the way to the customers as easily as possible.

His great support are his wife and father, as well as the three children, for whom he says that they are willing to get involved but he wouldn’t like this to affect their pupils’ tasks. For this business, he says, it is important to move forward gradually, step by step, to extend the production in line with one’s capacities. But what’s most important is experience because without it, not a single business could be done properly.

His first contact with Alter Modus was back in 2004 when he needed financial support for extending the business and providing additional greenhouse. The collaboration which initiated then, is still ongoing, to mutual satisfaction. He said that he was very satisfied with swiftness and precise information he got every time he applied for a loan.

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