Jelena Stjepčević, salon owner, UnliMited

Jelena Stjepčević decided to get involved in entrepreneurship six years ago. From her initial idea to deal in renting accommodation facilities, she turned to hairdressing and beauty care services. Inspired by female beauty and desire to help ladies to be refined and look and feel well, she decided to open hairdresser’s and beauty care salon.

She opened the first salon in 2015, and after 3 years she noticed the need to grow the business. Then, she moved to a new, larger salon where she works today. She offers all kinds of hairdressing and beauty care services, in her salon. She keeps up with trends and continuously introduces innovations which is specifically appreciated by the customers.

We may say that, in line with the salon’s name, for Jelena there is no limit. Although, she has encountered numerous challenges and obstacles within her running the business she hasn’t given up. She is decisive and persistent in her intention to succeed and to ensure stabile future and possibility for education for her children.

There are also many challenges with the current situation caused by Corona virus, which strongly affect decrease of volume of work. She has adapted the operations in the salon respecting all the measures and recommendations by the competent institutions. Although she is active at social networks, she has intensified even more her presence because she believes that this way, she would contribute to improvement of her business. Jelena is optimistic in regards of her business but she finds the health is something that matters most and believes that all the material stuff could be replaced, only if the health serves us well.

The biggest support in business are her family and friends. She points out that she has always been getting the financial support from Alter Modus which has always met her needs in the key moments of starting up and developing her business. She emphasizes that she strongly appreciates being clear and precise in communication as well as swiftness and simple procedures in approving the loans. This is why she always recommends Alter Modus to everyone.

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