Signed Cooperation Agreement on Project ŽIG “Women’s Business”

MFI Alter Modus and Secretariat for Competitiveness signed Cooperation Agreement on project ŽIG (Eng. trademark) ”Women’s Business”. Two crucial goals of the project are proper targeting or recognizing women’s businesses whose main feature is not only having ownership function in formal and legal terms, but managerial function in essence, and simplified access to financial and non-financial incentives for women entrepreneurs. This way, state- and privately-owned institutions will have ensured system of identifying women’s businesses upon assignment of both financial and non-financial support to women.

The Chief Executive Officer of Alter Modus, Ana Kentera, said that in collaboration with Secretariat for Competitiveness and BI Communication additional help would be provided to all women in Montenegro willing to start a new business or to enhance the existing one, to get informed of business opportunities and possibilities for financial and non-financial support – which is in accordance with the company’s strategic goals.

Since its beginnings, Alter Modus has offered programmes which support women’s entrepreneurship and due to these programmes share of women in loan portfolio of the company is on average 47%. ”I believe that through the joint collaboration on the project ŽIG ”Women’s Business” we will make favourable conditions for women entrepreneurs and enable them to reach their full potential, for the benefit of entire community. When applying for credit support, our company will not request additional documentation from the commercial entities who are officially beneficiaries of ŽIG ”Women’s Business” nor will we perform any additional check,” Kentera pointed out.

The condition for obtaining the trademark ŽIG ”Women’s Business” is to meet the criteria defined by the international document MEST IWA 34 whose key segments refer to the questions such as if the enterprise is managed by women, if it is owned by women, if they have full control over the enterprise and if the “women’s” enterprise is independent.